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Why switch?

Prescribing Xenidate XL by brand name to children and adolescents with ADHD aged 6 years and over delivers all of the benefits and tolerability of Concerta XL but at 50% of the cost to the NHS.1-3

Bioequivalent to Concerta XL over 24 hours1

Biphasic release with peak plasma concentrations after around 1.5 hours and 5.5 hours1

High quality, low cost

Every dose option costs 50% less than the equivalent dose of Concerta XL3

Reliable supply

Xenidate XL is manufactured in Europe (short lead time) with sufficient stock held in the UK

Support from Mylan

Mylan provides resources to help support you and your patients through a switch to Xenidate XL

50% cost savings versus Concerta XL

Prescribing Xenidate XL by brand name delivers a 50% cost saving versus Concerta XL, regardless of dose.3

How much could you have saved with Xenidate XL between May 2018 and April 2019

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