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About Xenidate XL

Xenidate XL (methylphenidate hydrochloride) is a generic version of Concerta XL indicated as part of a comprehensive treatment programme for ADHD in children aged 6 years and over and adolescents when remedial measures alone prove insufficient.2

Demonstrated bioequivalence to Concerta XL

The biphasic release of Xenidate XL matches that of Concerta XL, giving patients the same pattern of efficacy throughout their day and night.1

Fasting conditions1

Fed conditions1


A single-dose, randomised, open-label, two treatment, five-period, six-sequence crossover study comparing Xenidate XL 54 mg tablets to Concerta XL® 54 mg, which shows the mean plasma concentration of methylphenidate against time curves after administration of the test product and the reference product in 52 healthy subjects under fasting conditions and under fed conditions (test n=54, reference n=108).

Demonstrated tolerability versus Concerta XL

Xenidate XL is a proven, high quality, interchangeable generic of its reference product, Concerta XL. All safety data published for Concerta XL can therefore be extrapolated for the use of Xenidate XL.1 Very common (≥1/10) adverse effects include insomnia, nervousness and headache.2 For the full list of adverse events please consult the Xenidate XL Summary of Product Characteristics for each available dose.


50% cost savings versus Concerta XL3

See how much you could save switching your Concerta XL patients to Xenidate XL


hydrochloride dose
Concerta XL Xenidate XL Your saving
with Xenidate XL
% cost decrease
NHS indicative NHS indicative
18 mg £31.19 £15.57 £15.62 50%
27 mg £36.81 £18.39 £18.42 50%
36 mg £42.45 £21.21 £21.24 50%
54 mg £73.62 £36.79 £36.83 50%

Prices correct as of 27.09.18.

Similar sized tablets versus Concerta XL

Each tablet for the four available Xenidate XL doses (18 mg, 27 mg, 36 mg, 54 mg) is a similar size to its equivalent Concerta XL tablet.4