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Your doctor has switched your child’s ADHD treatment to Xenidate XL (a generic version of methylphenidate) because it gives them the same benefits and high quality as their original medicine but at a lower cost to the NHS.1-3

Switching people to generic medicines is one of the common measures the NHS takes to help make sure their resources are available to everyone who need them. Switches only happen if your doctor is sure the change in medicine will have no impact on your child’s care. You can have confidence that Xenidate XL is of high quality and provides the same ADHD relief as Concerta XL over your child's day.1,2,4


About Xenidate XL

  • What is Xenidate XL?

    What is Xenidate XL?

    Xenidate XL is a medicine that helps improve the activity of certain parts of the brain that aren’t working hard enough in children with ADHD.4 Xenidate XL can help your child at school and at home by improving their attention and concentration, and helping to reduce their impulsive behaviour.1,2,4

  • Does Xenidate XL have the same effect as Concerta XL?

    Does Xenidate XL have a similar effect to Concerta XL?

    One dose of Xenidate XL in the morning can help give your child focus throughout the day and evening.
    It works in a similar way to Concerta XL and works hardest for your child when they need it the most during the day and night.2,4

  • Are Xenidate XL tablets a similar size to Concerta XL?

    Are Xenidate XL tablets a similar size to Concerta XL?

    Yes. Each dose of Xenidate XL has a similar sized tablet to its matching dose of Concerta XL.
    For example, the Xenidate XL 27 mg tablet is a similar size to the Concerta XL 27 mg tablet.

  • Does Xenidate XL cause side effects?

    Does Xenidate XL cause side effects?

    Like all medicines, Xenidate XL can cause side effects but not everybody gets them. Some children may experience slow growth when taking medicines containing methylphenidate so your doctor will watch your child closely. The treatment can be stopped for a short time to help.2,4

  • Does my child take Xenidate XL in same way as Concerta XL?

    Does my child take Xenidate XL in the same way as Concerta XL?

    Your child should take Xenidate XL exactly as their doctor has advised. Taking the tablet in the morning gives your child symptom relief when they need it during their busy school days.2,4

    You can find more information about Xenidate XL in the information leaflet found inside the medicine package. You can also find copies of these leaflets (for every Xenidate XL dose) in the support section.


Generic vs branded medicines

Many medicines have two names:5

  • a brand name- chosen by the pharmaceutical company that made the medicine
  • a generic name – the name of the active ingredient in the medicine

Xenidate XL and Concerta XL are different brand names for the same generic medicine. That means you can be sure that Xenidate XL has the same active ingredient and will have a similar effect as Concerta XL on your child’s ADHD symptoms.

Brand name

Xenidate XL®

Concerta XL®

Generic name methylphenidate hydrochloride methylphenidate hydrochloride
Brand name

Xenidate XL®

Generic name methylphenidate hydrochloride
Brand name

Concerta XL®

Generic name methylphenidate hydrochloride

You could think of generic drugs a little bit like bottled water. You can buy a premium brand of bottled water or you can buy lower price versions of bottled water with different brand names. The important ingredient in all of the brands is still water.